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JT Foxx is a US-based business & wealth coach. Most people know him through his speaking events. Because of his skills as a salesperson and his ability to be very persuasive, he is a sought-after coach and speaker throughout the world. However, he is disliked by some because of his big ego and self-flattery.

JT is a very direct speaker, cutting through all the BS and is straight to the point. His honesty is not always appreciated, and he has been called out by some for going too far. However, JT has personally apologized for insulting anyone, as this was never his intention.

What happened

JT attends and hosts rooms in Clubhouse as a speaker. He listened to other people answering questions and providing advice, but he found it to be bad advice most of the time. So he decided to start his own room where there would be no BS, and he would “give it to them real”.

People came to his room, knowing he provided hard coaching. JT was brutal but warned them ahead of time that his coaching style is brutal but honest. However, some said he went too far and accusations followed.

Even though he apologized numerous times through multiple platforms, JT Foxx believes he hasn’t really had a chance to redeem himself yet. He said that it’s not his intention to hurt people, and he genuinely cares about people. According to JT, he is not out to hurt anyone, he just gives people the truth. “At the end of the day, when they enter into business and they are told it’s a good idea, and they fail or go down the wrong path, that’s not on me. I can go to bed knowing I gave people the truth.”

But, following the complaints, he understands that the problem is not his advice, but the delivery of his advice. JT’s own coaches told him that Clubhouse is the wrong platform for his normal (brutal) style of coaching. So he had two choices. Or he could be himself and attract a lot of heat or change his coaching style. JT decided he wants to change the delivery of his coaching.

“I’m not going to coach differently, but I will deliver the information differently.”

Apology and how JT Foxx will move forward in Clubhouse

On the Coming Clean podcast, JT discussed the JT Foxx scam allegations on Clubhouse and apologized once again.

I’m very open to listening. So for me, I have my beliefs. But clearly, there is a problem, whether I think so or not, there is a problem.

But a billionaire partner of mine sent me this text message:

We are in the world that whether you did something right or wrong, you have to accept the verdict if people think you are wrong for now. What works in one place may not be appropriate in another. There is a rule of three I try to follow. A quick pause to think about time, place, people, before I say something. Sometimes it’s hard not to say something, but often it’s harder to take it back later. Staying on the offense means not putting yourself on the defense.

And that was my mistake. And I take full responsibility. And as a result, I’ve heard what people say. And there is a toxic environment, because of my coaching style. So I can adjust and say I’m wrong.

But I think a large group of people want to see me go away and don’t care about a sincere apology. I don’t know how many times I gave a public apology. But they don’t want me to apologize, they want me cancelled.

The world used to be that if you’re sorry, people would say “ok, alright. But if you do it again, we’re going to hold you accountable”. But over the last four years, and probably because of the political climate, and the movements, that has changed.

I haven’t had the chance to redeem myself and put this new version out yet, because I’m too busy trying to figure out who’s blocking who, who’s attacking who, who’s saying what, who’s doing room. So I can’t go yet and do what it is that I do to prove

People should say, “Let’s see what he does.” That’s what I would say, let’s see what he does, and what kind of coaching he does.” And you will see somebody different. I’m not going to change who I am, but you’ll see something different in this environment. But I’m not going to shy away from my style of coaching, which has made me the world’s number one coach.

JT also addressed complaints on his fraud websites.