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Wanting to start my own business, I was stumbling around with my aspirations and blocked potentials. JT has shown me how your business and life obstacles are truley your gifts; when you chose to see their uniqueness as opportunites to grow.

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I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to JT over the past weekend and in all honesty, I have been amazed at how professional he is in both knowledge and appearence.

To have achieved what he has at such a young age is an absolutely massive milestone. I believe in his integrity and his ability to be able to help any person in any business.

He is a wealth of knowledge and I understand why he is classed as one of the best speakers in the world today.

I am now in a position to work with JT in the near future and would highly recommend his service to anyone looking to improve either their business or personal lives. I am already a better person for having had the pleasure of meeting JT.

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JT is one of the best mentors in the world that you can ever find. He makes you laugh, cry, happy, sad… But most importantly, he helps you find the true you. He identifies quickly what you are good at, and how you can improve yourself in both your life and your business.

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This is a totally unbiased review of JT Foxx Coaching.
If you want your brand to go to the top than you go to JT.
His strategy is unique. JT wont just coach you, he will educate you. His techniques will build and grow your brand to a worldwide audience.

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This is a life changing experience for me. I took so many notes my hands are tired. I am totally fired up and ready to take action. JT, Phill, and Raymond are really great speakers and they are the BEST at bringing out the best in you. Thanks guys for a memorable experience.

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This weekend has honestly been a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience for me. JT, Phill, Raymond, and Stedman packed 2 months of content into 2 days. I couldn’t put a price on the knowledge I gained from these brilliant men. I look forward to the next time I can hear these gentlemen speak.

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JT, Phill, and Raymond are the best training trio of the business world! Their strategies, energy, and knowledge have created new possibilities in networking and branding your business from good to great! One weekend, one new coach, one new successful future!

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Foxx has transformed me from a self-employed business owner struggling to keep by business afloat to a successful and strategic entrepreneur who is respected by and connected to clients worldwide.

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Imagine a young, dynamic, straight to the point business coach that demands better results for you. Well, I recently had the pleasure of his coaching. His name is JT and what he shared was leading edge in business and marketing secrets.

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We met JT three years ago when he gave a presentation at our local REIA club. At that time he impressed us as a very dynamic speaker with significant knowledge to share. He was sharing his extensive real esate experience helping people succeed as real estate entrepreneurs. We bought his product and became his students.

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